Posted by: iwebhound | November 29, 2010

Ideas to Keep Your Clients “Engaged” and Increase Business

Hundreds of retail insurance agents visit daily to search for products they need for their clients. While we are not licensed to sell or transact insurance in any way, we have learned a little bit about agents and their clients both through the searches performed at our site and in the course of marketing to and surveying them. itself is the product of a marketing firm and so we do have insight on marketing to clients of any type.  This post is the second in a series examining simple, low-cost and unique ways retail agents can stay in touch with their client base throughout the year and not just at renewal time.

With this ring, I

With the official start of the holiday season this past weekend another important season for personal lines producers begins; engagement season.  It is estimated that 1/3 of all formal marriage proposals and engagements take place between Thanksgiving and February.   Newly engaged couples have lots of plans to make and they are usually information-hungry and eager to get started.  They have lots of life changes coming up and they’ll need to properly insure their new homes, cars and lifestyle.  Marketing to them early, before the wedding takes place, is a great way to become their trusted advisor and earn their lifelong business.

 So how do you find and “engage” these couples besides perhaps sitting at large-scale bridal shows among your competitors and dozens of flashier vendors?   Arrange another way for your agency to offer them information they will care about. Be prepared to offer something for free as a way to get to know them.  Consider these options, which range from, low to high impact on your marketing budget:

 Organize a no-cost seminar or “open house” forum in your office on wedding liability insurance.  Stress the importance of this coverage, the low price point, and the ability to bind on-site (if applicable) to entice them to attend.

 Prepare a printed spec sheet, information packet on wedding liability or a “new homeowner insurance checklist” and offer it interested parties. Beef it up with coupons from local wedding or home vendors if possible.  These vendors regularly market this way and will likely contribute readily when asked. Offer the packet  to your current client base upon request, or have fill in request cards placed with local wedding related and real estate vendors.

 Reach out to your current client base (personal and commercial lines clients) and ask them directly to refer engaged couples to you for a free consultation, information packet, or seminar.   Many of them will have adult children, relatives and friends going through this phase and even if they don’t they will appreciate being asked.

 Partner with local vendors to arrange your own mini bridal show sometime after Christmas.  Keep costs for exhibitors low by just having them split the cost of the space (and proper event insurance, of course) to ensure a wide and attractive array of participants, or rotate just a few vendors in your office on a recurring basis.  Invite all your clients and prospects to attend and require vendors to promote the event to their customer base.  

Depending on your current book of business of business, location and resources the possibilities here are limited only by your imagination.  Make a creative investment in the soon-to-be-wed demographic now to show them you are the best agent for their needs and you’ll reap the rewards of a loyal personal lines book for years to come.

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